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4002 Huaqiang Road North, Shenzhen,
China, 518028
Tel:(86 755)8207 8888
Fax:(86 755)8207 5555
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Dear Guest,
Welcome to The Pavijion and The Pavilion Century Tower. Shenzlien. We value your visit and will do our utmost to make vour stay comfortable.
Our Hotel aims to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and service We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to give us your feedback and suggestions Kindly drop this questionnaire into the Guest Satisfaction Survey Box in tlie lobby or Hand it to any member oFour staff.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you again.
Yours FaithFully,

Christy Chen
The Chairman&General Manager
The Pavilion, Shenzhen
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