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Function Spaces Floor Plans

In order to incite a wedding boom, The Pavilion grand launches special promotion as up to RMB5999+15% per table for wedding, as well free honeymoon bridal room upgrade and wedding limousine service upgrade.

RMB 4,999/table, and additional special offers for wedding banquets of 10 tables or more:
1、 Complimentary wedding candies and peanuts for each table
2、  One pre-marital counselling
3、  Professional on-site wedding supervision
4、 Complimentary one-night stay at deluxe honeymoon room and breakfast buffet for two
5、 Reception desk setup and decorative flowers
6、 Audio, video and lighting equipment during the wedding
7、 Loop slideshow of wedding photos at the banquet
8、 Stylish Chinese and western backdrop design and theme font  design and production
9、 Red carpet entrance for the newlyweds
10、 A bottle of champagne and a champagne fountain
11、 An aesthetic three-layer cake model for photography
12、 Cake table and champagne table setup
13、 A western-style arch decoration or Chinese-style drapery
14、 Exquisite flower decoration for the passageway
15、 Corsages for the hostesses and bridal bouquet
16、 Flower decoration for the Wedlock Wine and microphone
17、 Flower decoration for the main table
18、 Designed wedding invitation and guest register
19、 Complimentary 4-pound heart-shaped wedding cake
20、 5% Discount of Full-moon Celebration
The Pavilion reserves the final rights of interpretation.
Reservations: (86 755) 8207 8888 Ext. Banquet Sales Department


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