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Combining with the modern healthy diet culture, during Spring and Summer and May Day, we look for some natural green food materials. Summer is the harvest season of all kinds of wild vegetables, fungi, melons and fruits. Therefore, among many varieties, we select and produce different tastes of delicacies to meet the needs of customers.


Date: 1st April- 30th June
Time: 11:00-14:0017:00-22:00
Extension: 8299
Specialty dishes:
Sweet and sour steak: 98/portion
Old Duck Stewed with Winter Melon and Yao Zhu: 128/bit
Baixiang Juice Fried Australian Tape: 68 /person
Truffle White Snow Hidden Dragon: 398/dish
Sour soup, fat cattle, scalded mussels: 98/dish
Seafood in summer: 198/dish
Thick soup immersion embroidery ball: 38/dish